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released April 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Seminary Calgary, Alberta

Stifling choking outbursts recorded on a four track inside John Larroquette's navel

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Track Name: Cured
Suicide Embolism

As history slips away
self-doubt creeps in
when your self erodes
your need to preach dies out

gotta son, gotta chance
nothing doing but a dismal spot in the dirt
gotta breed, gotta breed

If Im feeling good some days its not a distraction
If Im feeling good I can forget where its buried
If Im feeling good no reason to affix gazes
If Im feeling good, some days I can sleep

good warmth good

Middle Guy

Your middle guy
Dimebag at 10pm
Guilty, but its his job right

Your middle guy
frustrated at onions
helpful, but misguided

At least its never his problem

Your middle guy
writing your ticket

Waking Up

Come back and bite my face
breathing boring anyway
come back and manage a realty firm
good to see sun
whats under it, not so much
came back, sweet nothing
came back
Slip away soon
sometimes waking up is waking up

The Cure/The Disease (Echo & The Bunnymen)

(lyrics by Ian McCulloch)


Out for blood
tired stereotype
Out for blood, out for warmth, out to survive

lighting cigarette
tired stereotype
lighting cigarette with so much conviction

Ive got friends who look a lot like you
hurts to say it, hurts to say it
Ive got friends just as dumb as you
we aren't friends though

Have to say I think its embarrassing
Have to say?

Careful what you say
Dont want to get in trouble
Careful what you say
Cop out of uniform

Theres a sucker living every minute
theres a sucker living all your minutes