The Bow

by Seminary

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released July 12, 2011

The City Of Calgary: continued inspiration/self-loathing



all rights reserved


Seminary Calgary, Alberta

Stifling choking outbursts recorded on a four track inside John Larroquette's navel

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Track Name: Footfall
Impossible to trust the ones before me. Last liars. Tied to the land of this province. Heavy footfalls. Breaking the riverflow. Bow on bow it's going under. Impotence crusher. Old generation, die.
Track Name: Indifference Engine
Separating macro and micro lives is how people control their notions of self. Focusing on minutiae, even when confronted daily with every piece of information one needs to confirm a continuous existence of oppression. Staring hard at the mean truth will kill your soul. No one stares hard enough
Track Name: Groundbarrier
Swing Your Fist. You'll hit something. There are no targets in modern life. Dilemma of stratification- your enemy might be you. Or the rich? Hiding behind the groundbarrier. The separation develops agitation and our dissonance grows a pattern. Viral creativity sucks the cock that feeds and normativity succeeds freedom
Track Name: Becoming Strained
My relationship with you is waning. I can only validate my iconoclasm so often to self-styled masters. I can only listen to self-righteous shit so many times. Punk and I are becoming strained. I'm distant and losing identity
Track Name: Protestant Work Ethic
Fighting as hard as possible to keep up with yourself, living beyond your means as a lifestyle, trying to maintain composure, struggling with your secret needs, firm and total facade to measure up to your peers, dreaming but cursing your dreams. The protestant work ethic
Track Name: Grindcoreformula/Intelligrunt
The amazing race. Throw your two cents in a fucking pond and fuck off. Issues are a "subject". mandatory read and forget. Human rights discussion as literacy. As if one-sided warbled shit didn't have a home in Alabama already. You'll grow or you'll make a new formula. I won't buy your record.
Track Name: Slipping Cross
You're an echo. Tired of fucking kids saying god is dead. I want the sun worshippers to fall from the slipping cross and denounce messiahs. I want to break ground over baptized corpses. Hung on slipping cross. I want to break ground over baptized corpses.
Track Name: Pellicle
Like invisible walls. Like a shamanistic identity. The clothes become a birthmark that you'll take for granted. Blame is our favourite toy- that's why you haze the lens, and instead of making the world a better place, you build a cell wall. You thrive on the voyeurism it creates, it serves you still. Modern life as ethical virus. Modern life wants you to be invisible. Modern life divides us. Modern life makes us fail to empathize