by Seminary

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Juvenihil | Condensation | Turncoat Lever | Every Friend Is Dead | Wards | Black Lust


released March 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Seminary Calgary, Alberta

Stifling choking outbursts recorded on a four track inside John Larroquette's navel

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Track Name: Wards
Asshole retribution. Gone soft.
Overweight and way too mentally stable.
cleaned out my desk and turned in my key.
Needs more juvenile, needs more fights
Needs more minor threat

Toilet swirl. Spinning heart of the yellow sun.
Yellow toilet swirl.
That's your contribution.
Viral media antidote, the protest is the process.
I like your lust... but I hate you.
Its always me, me me
I like myself, but I hate me

Turncoat Lever
Swimming in the toilet. Scry like a champ.
Everyone is the same. Pipeworks
From sluice to sluice, flush to flush

Every Friend Is Dead
"When I look up at your lights, I'm seeing things I've
never seen. When I see your autonomy, I look amongst my
brethren for answers but there are none. When I address
my concerns and struggle for some kind of sanity, the
same image burns again. I trust no one."

Bring on the fucking punk assault
I'm fucking invincible because I'm an idiot
somehow no longer responsible for my self-destruction, I let the people I rail against take responsibility for my useless body while I tell them they aren't free
Droning like a priest at
christmas. droning like a suburb on buzzmode
like an empty glass. droning for hours. Drones for sale
Track Name: Black Lust
As the building goes up, the tragedies go down.
As the dust settles, wisdom sinks into the dirt.
As the waters rise, the IQ's plummet.

You've picked easy targets. Who cares if we agree.

I don't need your advice
I want to break down

I am a fucking
magnet and all I see is wreckage

I hate my
contemporaries and I hate myself