Ash Prism

by Seminary

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released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Seminary Calgary, Alberta

Stifling choking outbursts recorded on a four track inside John Larroquette's navel

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Track Name: Ash Prism
When I Walk The Sun
I feel the sky beat my chest, never let it take the light off my face. Deeper into the cavern, sweeter the light, fighting off the shakes.

if just a touch could suspend the dust if only the fingers could intertwine. reach the history of my suspended love

below the treeline, suspended above the expression of ancestors, when I walk the sun
Subterranean Ash Structure
Pulse checked daily for the right sense- still beating
decade will stale the wild rhythm only seconds, for the rigid fist must find a target
still the same heroes, still the same antagonia
though riddled with holes the fist still swings
No chain necessary, no clique, no status of power
i will remain below until the day I die
Suspect Your Friends And Their Band
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Seventh Wub Of A Seventh Wub
Brittle rust and the crippling taste of how alkaline any meeting might be

I get nothing from surmising a hope that feeling may bring some sort of clarity

dead seed, hopeless cracked fervor became a rigid trudging endeavour to redact words

As a daily war only the trackmarks retain a flavour, a bloodlust for emotion

Words sung cannot ring to me
Cathode Prism Array
I dont read it as anything to get too spent on.
Keeping a manageable distance from chaos. Go on and read what you can. Worlds away touching no crest and leaving no impression, but how can you understand it when your centre is so simple.

Among the colors breeds a storm of sedentary.
Amidst the prism walks the feet of solemnity.
Astride your education is the weight of ordinary.
Atop the crutch of technology spews the ash of oblivion

I don't have a center. I don't trust my vision. I live on a computer but I can't operate one. I see ones and zeroes and zeroes and ones I became. If only a revelation could ease the mind from its holding place but too far have I come to release the feeble organ to the wild.
I knew your riffs sucked
I knew you used auto tune
I knew you didn't book your own shows
I knew you before you sold out
I knew you had no integrity
I knew you were sexist
I knew you only cared about profit
I knew you would break edge
I knew you liked Tegan and Sarah
I knew you